Norseman Tomahawk By Dylan McCoun

Norseman Tomahawk By Dylan McCoun

Hand forged Tomahawk by Dylan McCoun made from 4140 1” square stock. This blade has been hardened and double tempered. Pressed on and pinned to a charred and sealed hickory handle.

Mjölnir engraving on the blade.

The runes that run down the handle are ᛋᛁᚴᛦ ᛁᚦᛅᚢᛅᛚᚼᛅᛚ
Saying "Sígr eða Valhǫll" in old Norse translating to Victory or Valhalla

Blade Width 3 7/8"
Edge To Handle 3 3/8"
Overall 5 7/8"
Handle length 18”